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Credit Cards Processing

Quick and easy way to accept most popular credit and debit cards

Risk Management

Around the clock fraud monitoring and chargeback management

Bank Accounts Opening

Full assistance in opening account in your most preferred location

Gateway Services

30+ acquires and local payments in 25+ countries under one integration

Stay in Control

Take advantage of our comprehensive back office:

Detailed Reporting

Unified reporting and analytics tools to view transactions for all your merchant accounts in one place

Reconciliation and Invoicing

Our system consolidates the various formats used by different PSPs and acquirers and displays them in a common look

Monitoring and Notifications

Quick access to all key metrics, flexible notifications to any event you want to track and be aware of any changes

Full control of your traffic

Separate dashboard allowing all merchants and agents to track transactions independently and stay aware of their accounts

Risk Management Tools

Get our full support in preventing chargebacks and fighting fraud, to improve overall satisfaction rates

Innovative Dashboard

Track your own traffic and gain a comprehensive look to the full reports from our web-based back office

Simple Integration for any use

PayTheX provides an extended array of easy to manage integration options.
Expand worldwide, manage risk, and track results, from one integration.

Easy and Seamless Integration

We offer a range of integration options to make the whole process a breeze for businesses of any size and any type

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